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  • How to set the write access on private?

    By hanane barramou in the group Plugin Development
    Hi, I am trying to modify the elgg plugin “Pages” and I would like to remove write access menu and set on private( so no one can edit or remove someone else’s page). Is it possible and how should I proceed? thank you in advance
  • Questions about basic functions

    By Nick Arnett in the group General Discussion
    I've read the overviews, docs and the API docs, but it's still not clear to me if Elgg can do a few things I need.  They are: On behalf of a user, create a page via the API Add an image to that page.   Ensure that only the user and...
  • RSS Import

    By Matt Beckett
    Features: Import RSS content directly into blogs/bookmarks/pages Manual or Cron batch import Admin settings to control cron import frequency Group controls to allow import into group blogs/bookmarks/pages HTTPS feed compatible Disable...
  • Load whole pages dynamically.....

    By Blesson in the group General Discussion
    Hi Developers....When i was googleing for Dynamically Load Pages....I Found This ....Did We Can Do This in Elgg...
  • Changing the default access for pages

    By js27 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi guys,I'm new to Elgg =) and search which file to edit in order to change new pages' default write access/ownership (from selected dropdown-value "logged in users" to "private"), but can't find it. ++Thanks for a tip in advance! :)*
  • Pages

    By Mmeal
    The pages plugin allows all the users (you are included) to save and store hierarchically-organized pages of text, and restrict both reading and writing privileges to them. This means that they can collaboratively create a set of documents with a...
  • Changing The Name Of "Page"

    By ericinwisconsin in the group Beginning Developers
    So far, so good. Elgg does what I need. But the website I'm building is for creative writing. People post stories. Is there a way to easily change "Page" to "Story" throughout the site? Or is there a plugin that allows different types of pages,...
  • Blog and pages restrictions

    By Blenderizer in the group General Discussion
    Hi everyone :-) I'm trying to find a way to properly apply restrictions in  blog and pages creation. Some members will be (only) readers, others bloggers and maybe some of them will be allowed to create (or not) pages.Is it a plugin that can...
  • Welcomer

    By Matt Beckett
    A complete rewrite of the original:   Features: Configure welcome page to display to new users users confined to welcome page until clicking...
  • Plugin for group admin of pages?

    By Ed in the group Feedback and Planning
    Is there a 1.8 compatible plugin to limit page adding to group admins? I can't find one. I want my admins to have the choice of either limiting the addition of group pages to themselves or letting group members add pages. There are some groups where...