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  • By Steve Clay
    As a pure workaround for lack of overloading it makes sense. But I think any sneaking in of
  • By uliuli
    overloading. I followed the instructions and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. The admin page told me it was
  • By Gerard
    avoid overloading users with notifications.
  • By neupas
    ,late night on monday. I tried overloading views by extending the footer and without extending  and
  • By DhrupDeScoop
    overloading (or overriding) to Elgg functions. I will post more thoughts later ( This is one of those topics
  • By Blue
    objective was achieved. But I'm confused about the overloading mechanism of Elgg.
  • By Alex Tanchoco
    . Understanding how plugins work (with overloading and order/sequence of plugins) is key, at least for me. 
  • By DhrupDeScoop
    , need to setup and transfer, b/c the FBFK @ 28241 kids are overloading the server. Our online rate seems
  • By Cash
    I think serialized arrays are a worse hack than overloading relationships :). Burying GUIDs in
  • By Brett
    available.  It will be nice when PHP finally supports overloading the non-mb functions with their mb