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  • Ostatus support in lorea elgg

    By caedes in the group Feedback and Planning
    Technical description about ostatus support in lorea elgg (1.7) Possibly a little bit outdated but working in some of our platforms (experimental).
  • Ostatus federation

    By caedes in the group General Discussion
    Hi! I've been working since some time on adding ostatus support to elgg. I've created a page at: with technical details Ostatus allows public content to be federated among sites. Groups, profiles or...
  • Ostatus support in elgg

    By caedes
    Ostatus is a protocol for federation of public content among sites. It comprises other four protocols, activitystreams, pshb, webfinger and salmon. We've been working on adding support for these protocols to elgg 1.7.1 since some time, and now we...