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  • Westors Elgg Manager

    By westor
    This cool plugin is helpful for admins and for normal users. A comfortable AJAX interface helps to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. One can send bulk e-mail and SMS to a bunch of users or friends. You can easily search...
  • Display tools in different pages

    By newtof in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there! I've installed many tools, but now I would like to organize all these a little... How can I do to distribute the tools to 3 different pages? For example, I would like to merge in the same page (page1 for instance): activity, blogs &...
  • Organizing information here at elgg

    By basedrop in the group General Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to elgg, but I'm a long time developer with a lot of experience with open source projects.  I'd like to suggest a few additions to this site before the information here gets out of hand (already there.)   This site...