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  • A small business intranet?

    By Phoenix in the group Elgg Technical Support
    , excel) Message forum (like a bbs) and email updates on key topics A wiki type page to organize knowledge
  • By Shawn
    very easy to organize everything with subcats. Also, have not yet looked into how seo friendly tidypics
  • By iionly
    you use Tidypics. You can organize images in albums and you also get a river entry (as per Tidypics
  • By iionly
    only allows to organize several files into a single folder but each file entry is still a separate
  • By iionly
    organize your file entries into folders. Maybe such a folder is kind of a substitute for your requirement?
  • By Wynne Linden
    organize the pictures. and here is my my plugin says about Containers. Containers 0.92 allows
  • By iionly
    's necessary to organize a "strategy" meeting or meetings (maybe a weekend online chat
  • By Jeroen Dalsem
    would like to use the Elgg community to organize/promote their event. Is that what you want? Because
  • By Gerard
    One suggestion came from Jeroen, organize a developers week were at least core team and/or core
  • By iionly
    I assume you've tested some "folder"-like plugins that add some features to be able to organize