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  • By Javier
    @Liang you need configure it at server side with NFS, GlusterFS or wait to Amazon Elastic File
  • By Jeroen Dalsem
    We use nfs mounts to store data on other servers without any problem. Also handy for loadbalanced
  • By iZAP
    You just need to mount NFS drive on the application server ( server having elgg ). I believe, that
  • By Jerome Bakker
    @This Script Lover Is that how NFS mounts are connected? using server instance IP  for data
  • By Javier
    @blab, the proposed configuration includes a NFS instance where all web servers store the
  • By Paweł Sroka
    mount external filesystem (NFS?) on operating system level, but it has it's drawbacks.
  • Multiple servers

    By Tom in the group Elgg Technical Support
    -core) - separate data server, optimal storage box, mountable over NFS to: - several php boxes
  • By Brett
    have that beer, thanks ;) Putting data on an NFS mount isn't tragic, it's just extra work with nothing
  • By Brett
    @Carlos - I assume you're using NFS or network sharing to give Elgg access to the files?  This
  • By notmuffy
    I get the same thing, only on line 95: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_NEW in /nfs/c03