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  • hypeCrumbs

    By ihayredinov
    More logical container-centric breadcrumb navigation
  • Elgg Toggle Content

    By Per Jensen
    Elgg Toggle Content adds additional navigation on smaller screens to switch between the main content and sidebar. The plugin is designed for responsive themes like Aalborg theme, and will work with most responsive themes that do not alter...
  • Get subpages list of current page

    By rzhi in the group Plugin Development
    How do I get a subpages list array or tree of the current page? I'm trying to add a custom sidebar navigation with pages. I'm using Release - 1.8.16
  • AU Group Tag Menu

    By Jon Dron
    Allows a user-defined list of tags to be shown as linked menu items on the group sidebar.  Will either: automatically show most-used tags in the group (number configurable by the group owner) or allow the group owner to enter any arbitrary...
  • related items

    By ura soul
    presents links to elgg objects/items (blogs/links/pages/photos etc.) that are related to the presently viewed item according to the item's tags. items are selected by similarity: the more tags that match, the more chance that the item will be...
  • comments for all object in elgg 1.8

    By mariano engine/lib/navigation.php in the line 352 replace: if ($object->canComment()) { for if ($object) { actions/comments/add.php and delete this line: 59 add_to_river('river/annotation/generic_comment/create',...
  • Plugin idea: "See also"

    By Steve Clay in the group Plugin Development
    If a user canEdit() an entity, she could add one or more links to other entities, to be displayed above the comment form. The form would take a URL. If the URL could be reliably matched to an entity, a "links_to" relationship would be formed. If...
  • Infinite scroll

    By sem
    This plugin loads the next pieces of the lists using AJAX. It works for activity (river), comments (annotations) and entity lists or galleries. Elgg version 1.8.3 or later is requiried. Attencion: This plugin is dual licenced under GNU General...
  • How to add owner block for particular Page

    By Faruq in the group Beginning Developers
    HI,   Can anybody suggest me how to add a owner block to my custom plugin page. Actually i need to display User image and sidebar with all the links.   Thanks in Advance Faruq Shaik.   
  • Private_River_1.8

    By iconMatrix
    This is an updated version of Private_River for 1.8.x  Removes the "ALL" tab in the river and gives the administrator the original elgg river view "ALL FRIENDS MINE". Log on as a non admin to see it in action.