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  • By RvR
    Seems elgg user sessions table corrupted. Use in mysql console: repair table
  • By RvR
    Continue crawling. It will be useless until you restart your MySQL or reboot the server.
  • By Robin Baur
    thanks, I fixed it. I had a mySQL Problem, Elgg is running now
  • By iionly
    Elgg officially supports MySQL and nothing else. By own experience I can say that MariaDB also
  • By RvR
    Fix MySQL tables: 1 - backup your Elgg DB 2 - via SSH  type following  SQL commands
  • By TCB
    Yes, all of my DB settings are correct.  I'm using MySql 5.7 and all innodb* settings
  • By Jerome Bakker
    As iionly mentioned only MySQL is officially supported. WIth the database abstraction layer it
  • By RvR
    You should change your MySQL configuration. The mentioned errors give you full information
  • By RvR
    actions. All you need to create a new database. How you do it? Can you install another CMS with MySQL
  • By RvR
    // DB username=root password=password // DB must be encoding=utf8mb4 mysql -u root -ppassword mysql