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  • lang attribute for multilingual content

    By chiinook in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I am working on a site that serves users from at least three languages. When a user is multilingual and wants to provide content in multiple languages without creating separate objects, is it possible to do this with the existing framework? I have made an attempt to do this on my profile using t...
    Tags: lang, internationalization, language, multilingual
  • Multi language content - Moodle approach

    By chiinook
    I'd like to get a conversation started about the possibilities for a multilingual content filter in Elgg. We have a good system for translating the environment, but not yet for multilingual content. Given that social networks (including the one represented by the Elgg Community) are often multil...
    Tags: multilanguage, multilingual, language, Filter, kses
  • Strategies for tagging

    By chiinook in the group Plugin Development
    This one is way beyond me when it comes to the programming aspects. But here are some thoughts from a multilingual author's/user's standpoint. (BTW, I can't write anything more than basic code myself so my hope is to study the options out there on "the market" and put them on display for the f...
    Tags: internationalization, language, multilingual, tags, tagging, translation
  • How are "they" doing it?

    By chiinook in the group Plugin Development
    Some quick googling has revealed the following interesting links to sites that have taken on the multilingual challenge. Xiha Life - "Unlike other social networks that make users choose one language for all communications, XIHA Life users can easily read and write in multiple...
    Tags: internationalization, language, multilingual, translation
  • The Elgg Community: Language plugin multipack

    By Vineet
    Multilingual page for French discussion
    Tags: french, multilingual
  • Multilingual content

    By horatio in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I'm evaluating Elgg as a platform for my needs. However, I need multilingual content. For that, one has to have the option to translate, say a page, into another language. Viewers can then choose which language to view when they visit the page. Is this possible with Elgg? Thnx
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  • Multilingual External Pages

    By Mote
    Description It's my first plugin or the be honest it's a simple hack to internationalize the original External Pages plugin by Curverider. Required This plugin requires the TranslationBrowser plugin v2.1b by Translation Browser Team Issues I don't know why, but the TidyPics plugins is in con...
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  • ELGG communauté francophone

    By Florian DANIEL aka Facyla in the group Plugin Development
    Tags:, french, community, francophone, multilingual, lang:fr
  • i18n support / entities translation support / multilingual content ?

    By Artiom Neganov in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all, Does Elgg support multilingual content? In other words - can we translate entities somehow? I found no mentions in docs about this. And also there are no plugins providing such functionality. An example of such an i18n subsystem is Drupal locale/content translation one.
    Tags: i18n, translation, multilingual
  • NC full i18n support in Core/Plugins [Urgent task]

    By Artiom Neganov in the group Professional Services
    Multilingual Support in Elgg This is description of i18n+l10n subsystem, currently missing in Elgg. Social Network Languages A multilingual social netwrok should be available on any amount of languages. We are distinguishing two types of multilingual information on a website: interface and con...
    Tags: i18n, translation, multilingual, l10n