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    I want to allow member chat with each other freely suppose if admin create chat named as "general chat" ii should display to all member of the site whoever connected to the website without adding admin as friend is it possible???

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    i just think it's a bit of an underwhelming sub feature for such a potentially useful area of functionality. i'll rename the buttons on my site and it will probably bother m...

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    @Akshay Jangra: have your "deactivated&...he plugin in the admin section of your site or have you simply " while it's still enabled on the site is not the correct way to dea...che by calling the url http://<your-site-domain>/upgrade.php in you...

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    I’m testing out user support on elgg 1.9 from but for some reason no support tickets notifications being received, the site definatley sends out other no...

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    i just tested this in 1.11.2. i am seeing that there is no target field in the admin area that can be used to associate messages to page elements and therefore no tour stops are rendered on my site. do you know why?

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    @dranii had you the caching disabled when testing the modification or at least flushe...code edit function only available for admins). It happened more than once on my site that users (unintentionally)...

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    Elgg 1.10 won't receive any bugfix updates anymore ( you will be able to restore the old state of the site in case something would go wr...orks without the risk of losing the content of your site if it's only a test insta...

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    @javier I tried that fix but it just breaks the whole site. using event manager on 1.9.4 works great besides this small issue.

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    @gillie. I found no if statement. This is the complete...ain content area.  */ // link back to main site. echo elgg_view('page/el...#39;core/account/login_dropdown'); // insert site-wide navigation echo elgg_vi...

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    OK - thanks! - this is one of my favorite plugins as a site admin.