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  • Custom System Messages

    By R
    This plugin extends the css and javascript of the default Elgg core system messages. This plugin allows one to change the background color and font color of the success, error and notice messages. This plugin also allows one change the time that a...
  • Change messages friend picker

    By Stumpy in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi I'm trying to change the friend selector for sending a message from the standard dropdown to the one that is used in notifications; I feel the later is more user friendly. I know that the standard one is $recipient_drop_down =...
  • Conversations

    By Trajan
    This plugin replaces the default messages and messageboard plugin completely. It is developed along the lines of the Facebook message system which uses conversations instead of individual messages. Features: Completely ajaxed...
  • Message Expiry

    By Mark in the group Plugin Development
    Hi Anyone know of a plugin or some code that can expire/delete messages after a specific time? My site is getting cluttered with old inbox/sent messages which I'd like to be able to have automatically deleted after a specific time set by me as...
  • Default notifications settings

    By the_yke
    Configure default notifications settings for new users (email, site messages  or both ) Updating for notifications settings for all existing users Comment :) ! =========================== Configura las opciones de notificacion por defecto...
  • Messages not displaying

    By Bennett in the group Feedback and Planning
    none of the error messages gets displayed in login page which we usually get like username and password mismatch or the user has not been validated something which we get in default....
  • Messages to all

    By Fabrício Valle in the group Feedback and Planning
    Can the administrator of an ELGG 1.8 installation send messages to allhis/her users?I have not found this feature. Any plugin for this?Thanks.
  • Message Quota

    By Mark in the group Plugin Development
    Hi Does anyone know of a plugin that can both limit the number of messages a user can send (i.e. ten per day for example) but also limit the number they can store in their inbox and sent items. My site has a high volume of message sending is...
  • Cleanning inbox messages (v. 1.7)

    By ru Ben Kenobi in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Some users in our community sent thousands internal messages mails to other users (internal). Anybody knows or have any idea how could we empity the users inbox messages? Any suggestion, plugin or tool? regards,
  • Plugin for attach messages

    By Juan Pablo Inteduc in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, Is there any plugin of messages that lets you attach files to messages sent? or else edit text using bold or underlined or something like that . im using the 1.7.5 elgg's version thanks JP Inteduc