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  • hypeMapsOpen

    By ihayredinov
    API and UI for maps built with open technology Geocoding and reverse geocoding via Nominatim Maps built with Leaflet.js Default map tiles provided by Open Street Maps (customizagle in views) User map Groups map Group members map
  • Elgg Maps API plugin

    By nikos
    Elgg maps API framework for other map plugins
  • Inside the hotel

    By Javier
    More resources for the best travel experience: Real time interaction with nearby travellers + Shop products selection + Experiences + Maps, routes and tourism/shopping guides + Plans / tourism with other net users. ----------- Enriquecemos...
  • Share Maps

    By nikos
    Elgg plugin for creating/uploading and sharing maps such as routes, placemarks etc, with google maps integration. This plugin offers to Elgg users the option to upload and share map files (gpx, kml, kmz) or insert and share maps directly from...
  • Elgg 1.8 gmaps plugin

    By harcha24 in the group Feedback and Planning
    I've been having some trouble finding a great google maps plugin for 1.8.... any suggestions?
  • Event Manager

    By Jeroen Dalsem
    Features: Create site and group events Listing of upcomming events Show events on a (Google) map Search events Create simple or advanced events with Registration forms Configure a multiday and multislot...
  • Geolocation

    By Pedro Prez
    This plugin allows you to geoposicionate every object/user/group on elgg. You will not need to install another plugin to make it works, you just have to enable it like another normal plugin. Features:-Autogeopositioning,-The possibility of...
  • Google Maps Geocoder

    By Marcus Povey
    Google Maps Geocoder (Edit your project's description!)
  • vazco_gmap

    By Mike Zacher (vazco)
    Provides Google Maps support for Elgg.
  • Example Entries (CSV)

    By steven
    /* ******  Example DATA  (CSV)  [I don´t know if this works]   ****** */ "Aero Fallschirmsport Gera/Leumnitz","Flughafen","D-07546 Gera/Leumnitz","Telefon: (03 65) 420 00 - 99","Telefax: (03 65) 420 00 - 98","eMail:...