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  • SEO: auto sitemap - XML

    By ura soul
    adds a dynamic sitemap.xml file to your site for SEO purposes. (No physical file, the sitemap is generated for each request). the sitemap is split into various sub-maps indexed in a sitemap index file, this allows lightweight crawling. each...
  • Easy Google Maps

    By Cim
    Easily embed Google maps just by copying and pasting the iframe embed code. Paid for, and with permission, released to the community for free of charge by Dan Westlake. FEATURES Copy and paste Strips and filters embed code both front and...
  • Geo tagging and display for elgg entities

    By Sef in the group Elgg Technical Support
    My efforts for creating a geo-social network using elgg, produced the described results. please note that I am not a programer. I on;y have expirience in setting up elgg's plugins and adding some customisation. -------------------- I tried two...
  • Geolocation

    By Pedro Prez
    This plugin allows you to geoposicionate every object/user/group on elgg. You will not need to install another plugin to make it works, you just have to enable it like another normal plugin. Features:-Autogeopositioning,-The possibility of...
  • Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg [vazco gmap]

    By Mike Zacher (vazco)
    Features: location select capabilities for Jeroen's Profile Manager plugin location select capabilities for form and related plugins location select capabilities for gogole-map plugin multiple location output formats: map and address links,...
  • Google Maps / Google Earth Plugin/Form

    By steven
    hi i d like to put a ggogle map onto my site which shows places every user can add to it. for that i need an input forum which adds the data into an database. the field namescan...
  • Google Maps

    By Timothy Wall
    Google Maps (Edit your project's description!)