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  • Suggested Friends Extended

    By nikos
    This plugin helps the users of Elgg community to find people they may know and make them friends, using several criteria such as nearby locations, same sex, similar age, same interests etc.  It is based on Suggested Friends by Matt...
  • geoPlugin

    By Cim
    Like this plugin? Please Donate! Thanks to for the wonderful FREE service, this plugin utilizes their service to get a current user's location by city, state (region). There's nothing to install or sign up,...
  • is this a bug?

    By Cim in the group Plugin Development
    so i'm developing a plugin to show a user's geolocation (city/region) but before that, i created a metadata that randomly spits out a random number between 1-100. so each wire post has a random number with the wire post's guid. i'm not sure if this...
  • Skill finding

    By Dirk Bruere in the group General Discussion
    We, that is, Zero State ( are looking to set up our own social networking site for our members. However, central to this will be a skills exchnage where members list what skills they have or businesses they own/run. The idea is...
  • Have People Find Others By Geogrpahic Location

    By Rubber Ducks in the group Plugin Development
    There is no plugins to sort people by zip code or find people within miles of you.  I am not good at all with writing plugins so can someone lead me in the right direction?
  • code to retrieve a users location

    By Burgs in the group Plugin Development
    I'm using some code I've bought that displays a weather forecast. It works fine but I want it to get a forecast based on a users location. It was a html file and I changed it to a php file and it reads it OK (I know because it displays "Loading...
  • User avatar/photo storage

    By KenE in the group Beginning Developers
    Hello, I began working through my install with a given theme (Darkgrey) and it is working nicely. However when I try out different themes, all of the avatars or profile photos disappear. I assumed that every theme would use the same folder to store...
  • File Uploads Location?

    By Patrick Nako in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hey everyone,   I was wondering where the file uploads go to such as when you upload videos, mp3s, etc...I tried browsing through the data folder outside of my elgg folder but it seems a bit confusing, and I found mainly profile pictures. Any...
  • errors in profile

    By fareed in the group Elgg Technical Support
    For some reason this is what is showing when a user tries to enter their information, don't know where the problem is.  I enabled and disabled all plugins but still the same issue.  Anyone know how to fix this? Location: function...
  • Detect where the current widget is getting drawn on.

    By Darkwing Duck in the group Plugin Development
    In a widget, you can use vars['entity']->context vars['entity']->column vars['entity']->order to detect its location. This way you can show location specific content in your widget.