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  • Feedjit Widget

    By Cim
    Feedjit is a free live traffic feed where you it shows basic info about your viewers. Get yours now at Full view of the live traffic feed will show you more info, such as: Arrival or...
  • Live Camera

    General Info Flash-based webcam channels manager that allows users to broadcast their video and audio to others with ability to chat with the watchers. Manager displays all currently available channels ordering them by popularity (watchers...
  • Launch of a high-load Elgg site

    By Mike Zacher (vazco) in the group General Discussion
    Today we're launching a closed beta of a website we built on Elgg, It's a speed chess gaming website, the most modern up to date, optimized to support huge traffic and thousands of games in the same time. It's built with Elgg and...
  • The ultimate(?) social connection framework for Elgg

    By Federico in the group Plugin Development
    I know there are loads of social login/connection plugins out there, most based on HybridAuth and all doing pretty much the same thing. I have created another one, called Social Connect, but I have pushed the idea a little further and have added a...
  • Social Connect

    By Federico
    The Social Connect plugin allows your Elgg users to connect to your website through practically all known external social networks. With Social Connect users can easily register for a new account on your Elgg website using...
  • Exist a live notifications plugin for Elgg 1.8.5 ?

    By iaio in the group Plugin Development
    Anyone know if exist a live notifications plugin for Elgg 1.8.5 like Facebook ? or Someone could know how can i do that ?
  • Live-Music-Archive-Plugin-for-Elgg

    By hairylarry
    This plugin provides a recently uploaded concerts widget for the profile pages. The widget is a widgetbox widget promoted on, home of the Live Music Archive. Since many concerts are uploaded every day this widget provides a constant...
  • Live Streaming

    By videowhisper
      This web based Live Streaming plugin can easily be installed on Elgg to enable video broadcasting channels. Users are enabled to create unlimited live video streaming channels.   Installation Instructions for Elgg Live Streaming...
  • Video Consultation

    By videowhisper
      This web based Video Consultation module can easily be installed on Elgg to enable video collaboration. Users are enabled to create unlimited creation of video presentation rooms. This provides live web based video conferencing, chat, live...
  • Xbox Live Gamertag (1.7)

    By Randy Brito
    Using the Gamercard Generator by Josh-m ( this widget lets users to show their Xbox and Windows Live profile, games and achievements in a widget. It comes with the 6 less wide styles for cards because of the...