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  • By bullywug
    Ah.  Well, maybe I'll just try getting the basics to work right before modifying code
  • By Matt Beckett
    Just use the magic method $user = elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity(); $user->matchCidade
  • By Gerard
    It does work, if you just had a description to the object in the brief view in the first place :-)
  • By Team Webgalli
    If you just want to make the options hidden, then use css to set their visibility or display as
  • By hello
    it works fine. Thank you so much. But how should I hook the action just with a plugin?
  • By bryan
    hi matt.. im using the market plugin 1.8f, basically i just want to display it on my custom index...
  • By Sathish Kumar
    np thanks i got tat i just user target='blank' i will release the plugin by tommrow  
  • By bryan
    sorry,totally lost now.... I'm modying the bundled blog plugin... I just tried to add an additional
  • By Brett
    If you only have 2 actual users, it might be easiest to wipe the database and just reinstall from
  • By Hardb1t
    Funny, just noticed that Steve Clay and mrclay are the same.Kudos to you for a nice piece of