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  • Jaime

    I'm very impressed with Elgg and I really would like to get to know it well so that I can use it for a number of social-network-oriented sites that I would like to develop, as well as for use as a content management system. I see Elgg as...
  • Shane Atlas

    Co-Founder of Elgg Jobs! Elgg Plugins, Elgg Hosting, Elgg Themes Everything from Job listings to plugins is FREE. ElggExchange is a moderated marketplace for extending and enhancing core elgg functionality...
  • videowhisper

    VideoWhisper develops flash video plugins for websites including: Video Conference, Live Streaming, Video Recorder, 2 Way Video Chat, Video Consultation. The VideoWhisper video communications systems are developed using AS3 which is considerably...
  • kirubakaran

    I am PHP developer, now i am working for chipkidz.
  • Jonte

    I am from Sweden, Malmö (Malmoe), Sweden's third largest city, I love to work with community websites, normally I use Joomla!, but now Iam trying elgg. Right now I run a Joomla webbsite with elgg, using the Joomla wrapper to make elgg  a...
  • Marcus Tremble

    Elgg site owner, very interested in how to customize and exploit its power for online community development in various scenarios.  Primary, current interests include learning how to implement: front page customizations, new themes, events, file...
  • Adding a widget with code to pull from another site

    By JawJak in the group Plugin Development
    I am trying to figure out where to go for a finding or creating a widget for elgg 1.8 currently with default elgg theme (that I will change possibly tonight). The site it is on if needing to see theme is The code I need to...
  • User Administration

    By Martin Williams in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi I'm having a hard time working out the best way to administrate my users. Our installation (1.8) is for a school type organization. This is the process we need to make work:  1) User is added (this is ok)2) User validates (I need a...
  • move from Joomla to elgg - Kunena migration

    By in the group Elgg Technical Support
    i recently discovered elgg and i'm very impressed.I want to move from Joomla to elgg and my problem is how to migrate kunena to a forum in elgg. My site is basicly the kunena forum and with out the discussion i dont have nothing.Is there an easy way?