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  • A very noobish problem

    By lowkey1979 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there, This is probably a VERY obvious answer to everyone out there, but here's my issue: I've got Elgg set up on my LAMP stack just fine, and I've just started to tinker with the CSS a little. So, to confirm that Win32 browsers are displaying...
  • A small business intranet?

    By Phoenix in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi. We would like to use this on our intranet. Simple functionality needed: Login and user access (of course) File sharing, with easy searching (also through common file types: word, powerpoint, pdf, excel) Message forum (like a bbs) and email...
  • Help me...

    By phyzoul in the group General Discussion university has a LAN network that can connet from other room to another here i just create a elgg and using xampp as my web is http://localhost/elgg and my question is izzit possible if change it to http://uninetwork ?...
  • Elgg as an intranet

    By Fx Nion
    Elgg is not intented to be a CMS but his capabilities to share informations like articles, news, bookmarks, files, event, videos make him a good candidate to extend it in order to use as an intranet. The scenario is the following: 1-Your company...