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  • Language Packs

    By Federico
    This plugin defines the concept of a "Language Pack" for Elgg. A language pack is a collection of all or selected language files of an Elgg installation. It is archived as a Zip file and it has a similar structure to an Elgg installation package,...
  • Problem with language switching

    By Vinciane Amorini in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, I'm again here after searching for an answer for my problem.   I'm using Elgg 1.7.9. Is it normal that despite creating my language file (fr.php) in my plugin directory (mod/grr/languages/fr.php), doing the same stuff as in normal...
  • Languages Disabler

    By SGr33n
    Have you a small community, so it makes no sense the user can change the language? Then you need the "Languages Disabler". Installation: Copy languages_disabler into the "mod" directory Go to the site Tools Order doesn't matter Enable the...
  • How are "they" doing it?

    By chiinook in the group Plugin Development
    Some quick googling has revealed the following interesting links to sites that have taken on the multilingual challenge. Xiha Life - "Unlike other social networks that make users choose one language for all communications, XIHA...
  • Strategies for tagging

    By chiinook in the group Plugin Development
    This one is way beyond me when it comes to the programming aspects. But here are some thoughts from a multilingual author's/user's standpoint. (BTW, I can't write anything more than basic code myself so my hope is to study the options out there...
  • lang attribute for multilingual content

    By chiinook in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I am working on a site that serves users from at least three languages. When a user is multilingual and wants to provide content in multiple languages without creating separate objects, is it possible to do this with the existing framework? I have...
  • Language selection on the custom_index page

    By elggboy in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Is it possible to to have a link on the Custom_index page to allow new users to select language(if available) in order to register?