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  • Elgg integration into existing website

    By Kyle in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there I have designed a site in Rapidweaver and would like to add some social functionality to it. I am already using a php based login system called Sitelok, but need to extend its functionality. I was wondering if there was a way to import...
  • Elgg Integration

    By Deva Karthik in the group Elgg Technical Support
    My main portal  is in Java (Tomcat Deployment/Db is Oracle 9i) and child  portal is  Elgg.Can any one give your inputs on implementing Single Sign on? Regards,Karthik
  • FrameMe

    By Casey
    FrameMe plugin, version 0.2, by Casey. Based on the Facebook Inside plugin by maslinux ( Released under the GNU General Public License. This plugin places a link external to...
  • The Elgg Community: Bridges and integration

    By Casey
    Elgg needs more integration of third party software and login bridges. It is an absolutely excellent social CMS, but it needs bridging to and integration (or improvement where applicable) of apps like SMF, phpBB, MediaWiki, Feng Office, eGroupWare,...
  • Bridges and integration

    By Casey in the group Plugin Development
    It would be wonderful if some of the developers could reach out to other open source projects to develop bridges and integrations for elgg. That sort of extension is commonly requested for most community, CMS, wiki, and forum softwares. The order of...
  • JFusion

    By mariusvr
    Supercharge your Elgg site by adding the content management software Joomla to your site. JFusion is an very advanced universal integration tool for Joomla that supports the integration of many different softwares into Joomla, including...
  • JConnekt

    By alfalive
    Integration engine on joomla
  • another video integration (ostube, phpmotion)

    By michi in the group Plugin Development
    Hi together, anybody out there who tested to integrate another video integration like OStube or PHPmotion?Yes, IZAP-Video Plugin is very good, nevertheless maybe someone tested something different?! Let me know.
  • need help with phpbb3 integration

    By 4ndreas in the group Elgg Technical Support
    hello, I have a problem, the plugin doesn't work. All seems correct: x plugin actived, x forum uses the same database like elgg x memberlist.php replaced x phpbb_ prefix x the same domain for both. BUT when a new account the plugin doesn't...
  • Vanilla forum integration

    By Kevin Jardine
    This plugin allows Elgg to control login and logout of Vanilla forum (that is, single signon and sign out via Elgg), adds Vanilla forum to the Tools menu, and adds the Elgg topbar to Vanilla. Profile links in Vanilla are redirected to the Elgg...