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  • General Discussion

    General Discussion

    This group has been set up for general discussion. If you can't find a relevant group for the
  • Shellcode Plugins

    Shellcode Plugins

    Current Plugins: Site Access can be downloaded here Developing: Working on developing a photo
  • Theme Development

    Theme Development

     documentation on theming in the wiki.
  • Feedback and Planning

    Feedback and Planning

    * the group for you! Posts on these topics will be deleted in efforts to keep this group on topic.
  • Plugin Development

    Plugin Development

    , ask advice on how to do things the Elgg way, and share resources related to PHP, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Elgg Technical Support

    Elgg Technical Support

    :// *** Check the install troubleshooting page on the wiki for installation problems. Check the Admin
  • iZAP plugins discussion

    iZAP plugins discussion

    This group is dedicated to plugins released by iZAP. We are trying to improve with the every new
  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    community, and the information is free most of the time. Even some nice people can make a tutorial on a
  • Hebrew


    Hebrew support group within the Elgg community
  • German Support Group

    German Support Group

    The German support group within the Elgg community. Start spread the word, folks! Or in German