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  • What kind of state is elgg? More problems then answers!

    By Tomy in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, now that I can reach the 'Add a topic'-button, I'm able to put some questions here.First, I was very happy when elgg 1.0 was available. But now I'm very disapointed, cause there are so many problems and no answers to get. Till today I could not create a topic here, cause the 'Add a...
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  • Requested action login was not defined

    By Danimal in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Greetings,  I've spent some time trying to setup Elgg on a 1and1 shared server. Using the documentation provided and these forums I've managed to navigate through a few errors however I have hit a road block. After registering the first user (administrator) I get a message saying requ...
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  • just starting with elgg

    By webmark
    i just installed ellg today... it seems good.. quite quick installation.. (in local WAMP 3 minutes - in server had to remove quite all from htaccess to make it works...) And now ? i would like to integrate community features of elgg with a new travel website we are starting... and i thought tha...
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  • After admin-login failed

    By Martin in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I try to install elgg at After some troubles, I was able to save the system settings. But I got troubles with the creation of the admin-account. At the Login is prepared, but it gets failed after the Log-In.  .htaccess got all permissions. Would...
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  • Installation problems!!!

    By Jenelle in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I'm trying to install Elgg on a website. It is on the site's root directory. So far I'm on the installing.php ( and stuck up as I'm having problems. Whenever I hit the 'save' button an error page appears. It says: Not Found The requested URL /action/systemset...
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  • Installation: 'you should check these details.'

    By neji in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all, I've tried installing elgg today and finally I passed the database-installation after uploading it all to an other webhosting.Now after the .htaccess file uploading, de databaseinstallation etc etc I get the following error: " System settings   Now that the Elgg database has b...
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  • Baltej Singh

    404 error in Godaddy Shared Hosting during Elgg Installation? Please help urgent

    By Baltej Singh in the group General Discussion
    Hello friends, I have installed elgg at localhost . but when i tried to install on webserver i got 404 error. I am having Godaddy Shared Hosting(Linux). What is the problem?? Please help i have to launch a elgg powered website soon. please help.
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  • Suggestions: Plugins page can would be better if..

    By Ervan Erfian in the group Plugin Development
    Just suggestions.. Maybe plugins page can would be better if including :Main Area (Maybe using tab)-------------Description SectionInstallation SectionHistory Section (Old Version)etc..Right Area / Right Side-------------DownloadCurrent VersionLast UpdatedRequirement / Compatible VersionDeveloper...
    Tags: suggestions, plugins, page, description, installation, history, download, current, old, version, requirement, compatible, developers, tags, rating, comment, etc
  • Unable to get past blank screen after install

    By airship in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello Everyone, After i have uploaded everything and followed the installation guide, i visit my site and there is nothing but a blank page. I read around and was not able to find an answer for this, other people had made it past this first step and got to the next step (where you config the db?...
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  • HTTP 500 - Internal server error after Database Setup Screen

    By kibbis in the group Elgg Technical Support
    After installing elgg I am prompted to finish the install by filling out the Database connection info. After filling this out (with connection data that works through a sql query, dsn, etc.) I get the blank page showing the HTTP 500 - Internal sever error.   Yes, my system meets the spec...
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