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  • Problem installing ELGG on Rackspace cloud sites

    By Nam Ngo in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all, I'm trying to install elgg 1.7.7 on Rackspace cloud sites, in subdirectory, However, when I try to save my settings, I'm meeting 404 error (...elgg/engine/handlers/action_handler.php not found), ... is the absolute path to the elgg folder, I also considered the problems with .htaccess,...
    Tags: rackspace, install, cloud, sites
  • Can not login to admin account just after install

    By Beef999 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello! I just finally successfully installed elgg on and it kinda works. I was able to get to the point where it asks me (the admin) for a username, password and all that jazz... so I am registered on my network. Sadly it will not login. When I enter my Username and password on ...
    Tags: login, error, install
  • How to install theme?

    By KindKing in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi. I'm a newbie in elgg and want to add a new theme that I dowloaded from here.But don't know how to do this anybody help me. I don't know which version i'm using.
    Tags: theme, install
  • [INSTALLATION] About PHP libraries

    By Nikolai Shcherbin in the group Elgg Technical Support
    In the installation instructions are configuration requirements for PHP libraries as:   XML Multibyte String support SOAP DOM  I found some packages: SOAP                      php-soap    libnusoap-php ...
    Tags: install, php, configuration
  • elgg install issue

    By justauser in the group Elgg Technical Support
    hey, I've installed elgg and connected the database, but have trouble after the database connects. Yes, I remove the example.php database and I make a folder outside the public_html. I still get 404 and 500 errors after I put in the title of the site and the description. These errors change on w...
    Tags: elgg, install, newbie
  • Cannot install

    By Laurence78 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I'm quite new to this but I am having real trouble installing the network. Can someone help me as I have followed all the install documentation and troubleshooting guide and all I get is an internal server error page. I just can't figure out what is causing this?!? Any suggestions? Even better y...
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  • Installation Issue

    By Kepi in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Ok, so I have been playing with Elgg today ready for my big beta launch of the next Facebook LOL.   First install went well, I am using 1.7.10 so I am guessing its stable. Following instructions I have unpacked ELGG into a folder within one of my domains, created a Data folder with full pe...
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  • Problem installing Elgg 1.7.12- no clue why it isn't installing

    By Sigmicron in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I have been trying for hours to install Elgg on my new domain. I have read every discussion I could find relating to Troubleshooting Elgg Installation but nothing even sounds like my problem. I am pretty sure I followed all of the instructions correctly but for some reason I can't get Elgg to wor...
    Tags: elgg, install, dreamhost
  • Register globals must be turned off.

    By mpmgc in the group Feedback and Planning
    Help! I'm trying to install Elgg on hostgator and I'm receiving an error on the second step out of the 6 steps. It states "Register globals must be turned off." Can someone please give me a simple answer I try reading blogs on the internet about this topic. Now I'm more confuse. Thank Yo...
    Tags: elgg, install,, hostgator, register, globals
  • Install error with embed plugin

    By Burgs in the group Elgg Technical Support
    New install of 1.7.14 on shared hosting. No other plugins added. Enabled all plugins but "Enabled successfully" system message remained visible and the site hung. I then uploaded the usefull empty "disable" folder to the mod directory and got control back. I then "Enabled" the plugins one by on...
    Tags: embed, install, error