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  • Smart Files

    By Andras Szepeshazi
    This plugin will display most of user uploaded files as inline (embedded) content on your pages. The embedded object itself is rendered by the great service hosted at – actually this plugin is nothing more than a wrapper around the API for Elgg. The list of supp...
    Tags: file, embed, powerpoint, word, excel, pdf, view, inline
  • Files plugin: Download? I want to see it now.

    By Andrew Tibbetts in the group General Discussion
    We are almost at the point of scrapping Elgg because users cannot view files (namely PDFs and videos) on the site. They must be downloaded to be viewed. Is there any hint of video embed capabilities coming?
    Tags: files, files plugin, embed, embed files, embed video, embed pdf, embed media, embed content, inline, inline files, inline video, inline pdf, inline media, inline content
  • IE7 Blog Post Links Fix

    By mobabur94 in the group Feedback and Planning
    So if you start or edit a blog post, and then insert a link into a paragraph such that the link will break up at the end of a line, it is supposed to not matter and the link should continue on the next line. This works as it should in ie8+ and chrome and probably firefox too.. not...
    Tags: ie7, blog, link, fix, issue, display, inline-block, block, inline, ie7.php, blog-post, theme, css, zoom, normal, hasLayout