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  • Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

    Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

     This is a support and development group for the Tidypics photo gallery plugin. It is a full-featured plugin for Elgg that is being actively developed. The Tidypics team is open to suggestions and contributions from other...
  • tidypics plus... more features for tidypics

    By ura soul
    extends the well known tidypics plugin for image galleries - adding new features and style.   == 1. Features ==   adds the following to tidypics:   * lists of image galleries are displayed using a vertical masonry effect...
  • Avatar Service

    By Jeroen Dalsem
    Let other websites fetch your users profile icons in a similar way as gravatar works. How does it work? Read all about it here:
  • Imgur

    By Cim
    This plugin allows your users to anonymously upload images to the Imgur's servers. Saving you precious bandwidth and disk space. Simple one click to upload. DISCLAIMER Works with CKEditor and iionly's extended_tinymce plugin Must...
  • Miracle Banner Ads

    By Felixrubens
    Miracle Banner Ads é um plugin que fornece um banner rotativo em JQuery para a sidebar. A temática do plugin é bem simples e pode ser usado tanto para anúncios gráficos como para propagandas, podendo referir...
  • CKEditor Extended

    By Jeroen Dalsem
    Ever wanted more (or less) option in your CKEditor, well this is the plugin for you! It offers you the ability to change the configuration of the editor. Also have a look at the CKEditor website for all the options. This plugin also provides...
  • Image Proxy

    By Matt Beckett
    This plugin is intended for use on elgg sites served with SSL.  Often users will post external images that are served over unencrypted http which will generate browser mixed content warnings.  This plugin attempts to minimize such warnings...
  • Image Orientation

    By Arck Interactive
    Images taken with orientation aware devices such as smart phones may render unexpectedly by default.  This plugin silently attempts to fix any rotated images during upload. Note that if the memory requirements for rotating the image exceeds...
  • Uploading file from URL

    By adrew22a in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I've been trying to figure out how to upload a file from a URL using the following code without using a form. In a form I can enter in a URL instead of a local file on the computer and it uploads it, So im guessing its possible?:example location:...
  • Attaching An Image With A File

    By Crossover Magazine in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Uploading a file has never been an issue for me. But trying to insert an image during the "creation" or "edit" phase has got me stumped. I have created a specific images folder through ftp. But no matter what I do, Elgg can seem to locate the file,...