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  • Access icons

    By Florian DANIEL aka Facyla
    Provides access level views aimed at indicating visually the access level of a given entity. Also provides an explanation page for access levels, and useful views for displaying access levels. Icons are defined via CSS.
  • hypeIcons

    By ihayredinov
    Generic API for uploading, handling and cropping entity icons and covers Admin settings to enable icons/covers for all entity types Allows to crop file thumbnails Allows to crop user and group avatars and cover images An option switch...
  • Advanced Bootstrap Theme

    By Jackson
    Responsive Theme Easy Customization Free for All Beautiful Icons pack Bootstrap Theme by Creative Tim (
  • Topbar View

    By John in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I'm replacing the profile, friends, mail, and settings icons in the topbar. My custom icons are width: 47px, and height: 31px. As I said earlier, I have created a sprites of these 4 icons with 2px between each. Now, I have changed the widths and...
  • [Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Identicons]

    By iionly
    This plugin is based on the original Identicons plugin by Justin Richer ( The plugin offers Identicon images to be used as profile images and group images. Identicons are images created by an algorithm...
  • Gravatar

    By Elgg
    This uses an image from Gravatar if the user has not uploaded an avatar.
  • No icons, no images... completely desperate

    By qverde in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello everydoby, let me introduce myself , I´m qverde and I´m creating a social network using elgg. On my project, pictures are quite important, but I have a big problem, they are not shown. it´s imposible to show icons or any...
  • New Group Icon Photo.

    By mpmgc in the group Beginning Developers
    Easy to install. Change 4 default "Group icons" files. The path in your (elgg) folder is /mod/groups/graphics/ ( this is where the 4 files stay) > Upload each icons from "ElggGroupIcon1.8.0" file to"/ graphics folder". A total of 4 different...
  • Changing link icons

    By Burgs in the group Elgg Technical Support
    How do I change the Dashboard & Tools links in the topbar from text to icons. 1.7.10
  • Deyan Shell

    By Gabriel Vargas
    This is a shell for elgg. Features: ******************** Theming subsystem ********************  +Deyan shell has a theming system. It means that the style of the page was handled...