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  • Better Avatar Uploads

    By Brett
    This plugin has merged with the Webcam plugin at: Please that version.
  • plugin idea: full browser multimedia experience integration + efficiency increase

    By ura soul
    features: persistent media player (floatable or placed in the topbar) - allows for audio files to be stored in an internal playlist and played as desired (sourced from files plugin, external sites (mp3, flv, mpg etc - including youtube and...
  • html5, ajax, persistent audio and elgg?

    By ura soul in the group Elgg Technical Support
    i've seen some elgg sites that have successfully used ajax to handle all page loads on the site and thus can also then allow persistent audio playing while navigating pages.. yet i have not seen any code for this.. i'm also aware that elgg 1.9 has...
  • HTML 5 Audio tag

    By Dominic Milburn in the group Plugin Development
    Hello I'm trying to using the HTML5 tags audio and video. I can get the media file run if I use the embedd tage but not he audio/video tag. Can anybody tell me if these tags are supported within elgg.  thanks  
  • VeePlay

    By Rip
    Offers a single plugin solution for most popular audio and video files uploaded using the File plugin. Detects filetypes and switches to HTML5 or Flash using the fallback capabilities of JW Player. Uses a single instance of JW Player from...
  • My cool theme

    By Staszek
    HEADS UP! This theme has been upgraded :   I wanted to share my work with the community so here is a theme inspired by Evan's amazing faebook theme... Features : I provide new icons to...
  • elgg meets

    By Pixelartist in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hello all, i am currently changing the current elgg code to use the additional elements found on For those who are not familiar with it, i quote: This site provides a collection of schemas, i.e., html tags, that webmasters can use to...
  • HTML5 for Elgg 1.8

    By Evan Winslow
    Adds the following input/* views: color.php datetime-local.php datetime.php image.php month.php number.php option.php range.php search.php tel.php time.php week.php These input views (as well as all input views provided by core) can...
  • Boost HTML 5

    By lord55 in the group Italian Community Group
    <?php /**  * Noelab Seo Speed  * Italian Support Group for Elgg  * @package Fast by Default and Elgg Performances and SEO  * @author Lord55  * @link */   // Set title if...
  • Beauty

    By Jessica Lares
    A theme in progress, i've started out by making it easy for someone to edit the CSS and not have a problem with images not matching. In saying that, this theme will be primarily HTML5/CSS3 focused once it's complete. Right now however, I'd love some...