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  • Custom Front page refinement?

    By Sean Murricane in the group Plugin Development
    Hello, I'm using the custom frontpage plug in to put my own homepage on the site, however I was wondering if someone could help me so that it behaves like the default as far as logging in goes - and auto-forwarding people to the dashboard if they're already logged in. Am I right in thinking it'...
    Tags: custom, front page, homepage
  • Modified Custom Index

    This modified version of Custom Index plugin works with modified Event Calendar, Polls and Ads plugins. This plugin adds administrator areas with new events, polls and ads. The administrators can mark an event, poll or ad as relevant and it will show in an homepage widget. Installation instruct...
    Tags: ad, classified, classifieds, poll, polls, custom, calendar, event, custom index, event calendar, ads, index, homepage
  • Homepage link redirecting to dashboard

    By Nicolas Réau in the group General Discussion
    Hello, Testing elgg locally I noticed that the homepage link (behing the elgg icon, or in the title) is redirecting me to my dashboard when I'm logged in. So it's impossible for me to see the welcome screen once logged in since I get redirected to dashboard. Yet the link is http://localhost/elg...
    Tags: homepage, link, redirection, dashboard
  • Modified Event Calendar

    This plugin adds a metadata to each event to publish them in Homepage. This is a modifed version of Kevin Jardine Event calendar plugin. In the zip file you find only modified files. Unzip it over the original Event Calendar plugin (you can download it from here
    Tags: homepage, index, custom, calendar, event, custom index, event calendar
  • Modified Classifieds Plugin

    This is a modified version of Webgalli's plugin, with the following new features: added field "Sell, Offer, Change" fixed search by categories improved Ads listing Fixed menu bug   WARNING Thi is a BETA version for testing purposes only, not production. It works well in our testin...
    Tags: ads, ad, homepage, custom index, classified, classifieds
  • help,needed

    By aymen in the group Elgg Technical Support
    i want to change the button file in thein dex into forum and also change the adress to give the root of the forum plugin,how can i do that?
    Tags: index, homepage
  • Removing Login Screen/Forum?

    By TheNerd in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I'm suppose to be a nerd here lol but since I'm new to elgg, I have no idea how to do this. I have a theme that has a login forum at the top of the page (Refer to my site: and I want the login forum that normally on the middle page to be gone, but I cant figure out ...
    Tags: homepage, login, n00b, help
  • Search box on homepage

    By Sherri in the group Beginning Developers
    I have been looking up and down and everywhere on how to add a search box to my elgg 1.7 homepage (for non-logged in users). I am using the Custom Index Widgets plugin, but search does not show up in my list of widgets to add to the home page. Is there code to do this, or some kind of widget I ha...
    Tags: search, homepage, index, search form
  • How to change home page layout / login box?

    By Cruth in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Thanks for assistance regarding spam. I decided to just hand delete the blog spam, as I want to move forward with this site. My question now is "can I move, and how can I move the login box on the home page, so that it is not in the top lefthand corner"?  I would prefer it to be lower in t...
    Tags: design, homepage