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    ...eir thumbnail w/ custom small blurb of text and if these authors have donations links available maybe place a donation button right next to their homepage link or something.@Matt Becke...

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    Nice, going to upgrade right away!   By the way, the homepage of Elgg - still displays 1.7.4 to be the latest version. Thought you might wanna know that. ;)

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    thanks i will need to edit this theme a little as i am using it for a non social site welcome homepage <a href="">giay kinh phan quang</a>

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    ...sharing Songs, Videos, Mp3, Music, Audio and any media content." 2)Provide some keywords that would describe your site and are mentioned on the homepage: "social network,join,regist...

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    Start using the v1.03 and make sure you fill in the metatag and title for the homepage before checking. What is the URL of your website, so I can take a look.

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    ...b but I am not finding way how to create/make homepage. I have installations and wid...ager alright but what url do I go to create a homepage ? My site/homepage is not the...nstall plugin as normal, to the directory mod/homepage_cms- Visit plugin settings to...

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    @Javier  use this  that should solve your problem also copy your code and remove it all and see what happens before using the plugin i just mentioned and linked to in this reply, i have never had that error myself

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    The plugin is for the whole site, creating dynamic tags for all pages. The added filter is indeed only added for the homepage. The plugin already did that for other pages. Robots tag is added to all pages.

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    just incase anyone strggles to find  the file for editing the arrows  widget_manager/views/default/widget_manager/css also my problem is fixed using

  • Comment on "Dynamic SEO" is to look at the source code of your page and check of og:image It should reflect the image you provided in the plugin settings (only for the homepage, other pages it is done autom...