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    Look here for a way to hack elgg to list the featured members: I also found that switching the widget code to list view is nicer, as otherwise it looks just like another "friends" widget.

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    @clu55ter I had your problem too and install the psantiagomm's hack and problem solved. But I have another problem and this module not support Unicode badwords.

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    Ok. Now I know that it's because of my hack to elgg session for SAML login.

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    jon666: I need not reinstall to have Jubo's colour hack to work in Easytheme. Empty cache did it. But, still the boxes was not nice positioned. I solved this by adding a padding-lef...

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    @Mark, this hack didnt work for me (members view anyhow).I tried deactivating the hype framework and that didnt fix this problem. The only view that works correctly is class...

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    ...latest_photos', elgg_echo("tidypics:widget:latest"), elgg_echo("tidypics:widget:latest_descr"), 'all');This so-called page "Elgg hacks" helped me find out:

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    @jdalsem , first of all: Great job! Profile Manager definitely is one of the most useful elgg plugins. My question is: Is there a (quick) way to hack Profile Manager to format field...

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    ...der this configuration. A small change in HybridAuth is needed for the provider to work. This change is now provided as an option (the Facebook SSL hack), but I was not able to test...

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    .../localhost/elgg1880_base/photos/owner/ötekas it should be !;-) so.. i think a little bit more code juggling will be needed; maybe we'll try to hack thru to make it work.. and ca...

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    ...s a lot easier, but I just started a new job and am really busy at the moment, so can't tell you when I'll be able to release. For now a quick hack would be to change line 48 in...