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  • Inside the hotel

    By Javier
    More resources for the best travel experience: Real time interaction with nearby travellers + Shop products selection + Experiences + Maps, routes and tourism/shopping guides + Plans / tourism with other net users. ----------- Enriquecemos...
  • JB overlay

    By juBo
    Please note: You are welcome to download and use the JB Overlay plugin for as long as it works, but I am no longer able to offer support. A visitor will see a once-per-session semi-transparent overlay to the site.  The visitor is given the...
  • Freichat to show offline and online friends

    By New_age in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello good people, Please i need help. I want to show both online and offline users. I spent some hours trying to figure out how to do this hack but to no avail. I checked google but it seems nobody has done this. I think where to do this hack is...