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  • Adding graph features?

    By Rohan Jacob in the group Plugin Development
    Is there a way to map out the relationships between different users (their friends, groups etc) into a graph? If possible the graph should be a dynamic graph (or else maybe updating once a day).  More specifically, is there a way to integrate...
  • Open Graph Protocol?

    By Wogker in the group Elgg Technical Support
    How I can add Open Graph Protocol to my Elgg metadata? I want to define a metadata image (og:image) because my feeds to Facebook will work better. I am sending my community activity Elgg to Twitter and Facebook with the free TwitterFeed but the...
  • Adding user data on Graph

    By danie in the group Plugin Development
    Hi all, I am new to Elgg and so far very impressed! I am using Elgg to host my organization and we are currently gathering data for some of our users (as a service we provide) and would like to display this data on a graph for each that they can...
  • Obtain Elgg social graph

    By marceliru in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I need to export the Elgg social graph and plot it with any software, maybe NetDraw or another, but I don't Know how can I do! I'm reading about ODD protocol, in some places they talking that it allow export,  but It's not clear for me....