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  • Social Connect

    By Federico
    The Social Connect plugin allows your Elgg users to connect to your website through practically all known external social networks. With Social Connect users can easily register for a new account on your Elgg website using...
  • Hannibal Smith

    Other vs Elgg if found on google.

    By Hannibal Smith in the group General Discussion
    i found on google about others vs elgg please tell me which cms should i use? because my website is large so there is migration problem please advice me that which cms is better Thanks in advanced
  • Freichat to show offline and online friends

    By New_age in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello good people, Please i need help. I want to show both online and offline users. I spent some hours trying to figure out how to do this hack but to no avail. I checked google but it seems nobody has done this. I think where to do this hack is...
  • Google add sense plugin

    By abuhamza in the group Plugin Development
    Dear Friends   If some one would like to help me please. I am using  iShouvik Adverts 1.8.4 for Google add, on the side bar google add CODE are showing instead of proper ADD. Do i need to install any other suporting plugin or...
  • Share Maps

    By nikos
    Elgg plugin for creating/uploading and sharing maps such as routes, placemarks etc, with google maps integration. This plugin offers to Elgg users the option to upload and share map files (gpx, kml, kmz) or insert and share maps directly from...
  • Auto Sitemap ( Dinamic SEO sitemap.xml generation)

    By the_yke
    DESCRIPTION ================================================ Adds a dynamic sitemap.xml file to your site for SEO purposes. (No physicall file, the sitemap is generated for each request) The sitemap is splitted in various sub-sitemaps indexed...
  • Liang Lee Google

    By Arsalan Shah
    Allow admin to add sitetracking and site verfication code for Google. What is Google Analytics?A free service to analyze the performance of a website, such as user activity and site usability, by providing statistics on the users of the website. It...
  • Search Engine Optimization

    By Lance in the group General Discussion
    I have been having difficulty finding any really good information on SEO for Elgg powered sites and the general search function on the community site seems to be missing since the upgrade. I was wondering what are some of the "best practices" used...
  • AddThis Share

    By aung
    This Plugin uses AddThis sharing tools to implement third-party buttons like Google+1, Tweet and Facebook Like. AddThis is the global leader for sharing and social insights. Features: Complete share buttons (more than 300 bookmark and share...
  • Google Analytics 1.8 (modified)

    By aung
    To track your website with Google Analytics tools, you will need to implement Google Analytics Tracking Code on your webpage before the closing </head> tag. This plugin does this for you. (See the README note comes with the plugin for more...