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  • Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

    Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

     This is a support and development group for the Tidypics photo gallery plugin. It is a full-featured plugin for Elgg that is being actively developed. The Tidypics team is open to suggestions and contributions from other...
  • tidypics plus... more features for tidypics

    By ura soul
    extends the well known tidypics plugin for image galleries - adding new features and style.   == 1. Features ==   adds the following to tidypics:   * lists of image galleries are displayed using a vertical masonry effect...
  • jssor

    By shellcode
    A fast tiny slideshow for tidypics.  Automatically watch all your photos in a gallery.  Easily navigate to and from tidypics and Gallery Viewer. Touch Swipe by Finger/Mouse Responsive (scales to any size in real...
  • Miracle Gallery Games 1.1

    By Felixrubens
    O Miracle Gallery Games 1.1 fornece uma galeria de games rodando diretamente da instalação do Elgg. Todos os jogos estão localizados dentro do próprio plugin sem carregar nada de sites externos. Meu objetivo ao...
  • some enhancements for tidypics - anyone have any more?

    By ura soul in the group Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin
    recently i have made the following fixes/enhancements to tidypics here: fixed: friends list was not showing albums from all friends fixed: owner and friends lists were not rendered in a tidypics-gallery element fixed: album image count now has...
  • Which gallery-system for Elgg 1.8.8? :)

    By Daniel in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hi all :) I'm looking for a gallery-system for Elgg 1.8.8 :) The system should have the following features: User-disk qouta: To manage user-disk-qouta on a user to user basis. Image size: ie. 450x450 and the ability to set this in a settings...
  • How to change list view with gallery view on files plugin?

    By Milos in the group Beginning Developers
    Hey! I need this feature for the website.  I found how to do this here (Radionica), but this is not the best solution, since it's replacing all list views on...
  • Friends Gallery

    By Per Jensen
    This plugin provides a tabbed interface to friends views and adds a friends gallery view. Link to Friends Gallery is added to friends widgets. Like this plugin? Consider to click Recommend!
  • Diapos - photos gallery

    By Olivier de Lannoy
      Installation and usage are very easy : Unzip the package in the folder :  /mod and give the name "diapos" to the plugin folder. Activate the plugin through the administration page.   You can put nanually your albums in the...
  • NoELab Media Embedly

    By lord55
      Key Features Embed on fly:  This plugin is a solution that automatically converts posted links into embedded media on the fly (eg. YouTube and other 300 services) in elgg site.  Media...