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  • By ura soul
    use 'money' to access what they need, then it is useful to look at ways to fund the projects we rely
  • By Tom
    fund or invest in companies that could benefit the CIA. In 2005  Facebook received 13 million from

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  • abandoned

    Funding plugin dev

    By abandoned in the group Plugin Development
    It might be a good idea to start a fund/get donations to develop some of these plugin ideas. I, for one, would be willing to fund some plugins but I need a repository of ideas that I can look through. I'd like to see: plugin desc: what does the...
  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Find people / companies who offer professional services on Elgg development. Like customization, translation, plugin / theme development, installation and migration.   Buyers : You can request offers by opening a new thread for a project...