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  • Good theme to customize?

    By paul85a in the group Beginning Developers
    I want to customize a theme and have it be functional like the Facebook Theme with activity stream, groups, profiles, friends, messages, etc. Currently I have the Facebook Theme activated but I'm getting nowhere when I try to add an image logo to...
  • Friends of a friend

    By John in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, why is there not a way to see friends of a friend? I just learned that it is called FOAF! You see when I click the "Friends" icon on the topbar, it lists all my friends. Why is it difficult to do that on a friends profile? Why can't I see my...
  • Freichat to show offline and online friends

    By New_age in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello good people, Please i need help. I want to show both online and offline users. I spent some hours trying to figure out how to do this hack but to no avail. I checked google but it seems nobody has done this. I think where to do this hack is...
  • Friends dropdown help

    By New_age in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello i have conversation plugin installed on elgg  1.7.8. The autocomplete does no seem to work so i want to change it to dropdown. I was able to do it but i can't seem to get any friends to display in the dropdown menu. Below is my...
  • Friends topbar menu

    By SehLax
    It replaces the friends icon in the topbar that by standard only links to the friends page with a mouseOver menu that shows three columns with all your friends' avatars and names. (see screenshot, I only had 3 friends there though) The friends are...
  • Friends

    By Mmeal
    The actual "core-default" Elgg friendship uses the same model as Twitter: the relation is not reciprocal and it's not required to confirm a friend request. It is really "following" rather than "friendship". The interesting thing is that there are...
  • A wesbite similar to using elgg

    By Ankit in the group Beginning Developers
    Hello everyone. I am new to elgg. But i am quite used to PHP and Mysql Programming. I have this urge to build a website like but for different products where people can post products , follow people, follow stores, etc. it involves...
  • How to remove "friends" menu item from topbar 1.7

    By stuartsloan in the group General Discussion
    Quick question, where is the add menu item function for "friends" in the topbar?  I want to remove it but I cant find it anywhere.  Ive searched this site all day and Ive only found solutions for 1.8 I'm using 1.7.
  • Friends Gallery

    By Per Jensen
    This plugin provides a tabbed interface to friends views and adds a friends gallery view. Link to Friends Gallery is added to friends widgets. Like this plugin? Consider to click Recommend!
  • Suggested Friends

    By Matt Beckett
    Based on the 1.7 plugin People From The Neighborhood   Provides dashboard widget profile widget suggested friends page configure suggestions from friends, groups, or...