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  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Find people / companies who offer professional services on Elgg development. Like customization, translation, plugin / theme development, installation and migration.   Buyers : You can request offers by opening a new thread for a project...
  • Forums

    By pandurx
  • Forums

    By johnsmith in the group Plugin Development
    I think that the base instillation of Elgg should include an advanced forums plugin as part of its base. There are groups, blogs, pages, members, and so on ... but, surprise, no forums!    This is an absolute essential need for any...
  • Threads

    By sem
    This plugin improves group forums allowing threaded discussions into them.
  • Forum

    By Desiron
    The forum plugin provides a forum system for elgg which allow create multiple forums and subforums. The forums may be associated to groups for access configutarion. ...Any similarity with another forums system that You saw is entirely...
  • "Elgg Forums"

    By RPGRealms in the group Plugin Development
    Coming from a larger vBulletin site, I'm not happy with the current state of forums/messageboards in Elgg, and while I know there are a couple of potential replacement plugins available, none really fit what I wanted. And I love to tinker... So, I...
  • Notification for individual items (blog posts, forum threads, etc.)

    By Yakiv in the group General Discussion
    In the old Elgg (pre-1.0 days) there was a nice little functionality for blog posts (which had comments) and forum threads. You could click on a link to stay notified about the comments on the blog post or the responses to a forum thread. I really...
  • Admins

    By harcha24 in the group Plugin Development
    I looked and didn't see the option but I might have over looked it, but is it possible to add a member as an admin in the forums but not on the auctual elgg site?  thanks. p.s. I love this plug in it solved all sort of problems for me.
  • vazco_comments

    By Mike Zacher (vazco)
    How it looks: This plugin adds the 'reply' option to comments. When user hits this option, he is redirected to the comment box. On the top of the box, there's a text informing for which comment the user is answering.   After submitting,...
  • Group Discussion

    By Glynn Allen in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Does anybody know what method to call if i have a forum object and i need to get the group that contains that forum or latest discussion. eg.   $group = $forum->getGroup() or something like that...