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  • Edit Powered by Elgg

    By Nikolai Shcherbin
    Very dumbest plugin for Elgg lazy newbies
  • AU Spotlight

    By Jon Dron
    AU Spotlight adds a context-sensitive footer to Elgg sites. You can use this for many purposes, such as to provide site information, context-sensitive help, announcements, etc, customized for different pages. You can also provide different footer...
  • Customize Email

    By Steve Clay
    Admin UI to edit subject, header, footer, and sender name Live preview of a sample message Send a test e-mail notification/elgg_send_email() to yourself Plaintext only: This was not designed to work with HTML e-mail which other plugins may...
  • Peek A Boo Theme

    By Mark
    You can see this theme in action at: This theme gives your site a dynamic footer with Navigation links, About Us links, and Follow Us links. If you have a facebook page for your elgg site, a twitter account for...
  • Footer Editor

    By Ben Potter
    Allows an admin to easily edit the footer with HTML. This plugin was made by an 11 year old kid (me). This will take away all other menus and links prevoiusly there like powered by elgg.
  • LiHaiBar

    By Trajan
    An extendable fixed bottom bar for elgg 1.8.x More to come as it expands... If you like my stuff click the RecommendButton
  • Footer problem

    By Burgs in the group Beginning Developers
    I've changed the background colour of the footer and made it 100% width and I can now see a 16px high strip between the bottom of the footer and the bottom of the page. How do I remove it? 
  • Where Do I Add My Tracker? Where is Footer?

    hey guys...  actually... where is the new  footer file  topbar file ???   THANKS!
  • Add links to footer.

    By Nick in the group General Discussion
    Hey, I have activated my extra pages (Like about, terms, etc) And I Found that I couldn't see them in my footer. Like it is on this site. How would I add links into my footer for those. Because I don't see any use for it if people can't find...
  • Sticky Footer for 1.8

    By 13net
    !!! This plugin requires the phloorFramework - please make sure you got the LATEST release !!! Creates a footer that will stick to the sites bottom. Extends the elgg css view like this: elgg_extend_view('css/elgg', 'phloor_sticky_footer/css/elgg',...