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  • videowhisper

    VideoWhisper develops flash video plugins for websites including: Video Conference, Live Streaming, Video Recorder, 2 Way Video Chat, Video Consultation. The VideoWhisper video communications systems are developed using AS3 which is considerably...
  • Ervan Erfian

    I'm worked with my clients, partners and colleagues from Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, UK & USA to deliver unique solutions for their specific needs, specialization for PSD 2 XHTML & CSS, Flash, Web Design & Development.
  • JukeBox

    By Babeth
    Audio JukeBox This widget allows you to play any mp3 audios in only one flash player. You can choose to play audios from Elgg (your audios, your friend's audio or all the audios). You can choose to play audios from a podcast by giving the rss2...
  • New Plugin (preliminary release) BabelRoom

    By John in the group Plugin Development
    Folks A few weeks back I asked for input on integrating our virtual conferencing platform with elgg. For reference the thread is here:...
  • Plugin para adicionar jogos

    By Artur Vieira in the group Elgg Brasil
    No projecto que estou a desenvolver necessito de ter uma ferramenta que permita o upload de jogos/actividades que tem que estar disponiveis para os outros utilizadores a usarem. Tem que permitir ao utilizador que fez o upload ter feedback de quantas...
  • tag cumulus 1.8

    By ura soul
    this is the 1.8 compatible version of the tag cumulus - tagcloud replacement plugin. this version over-rides the tagcloudblock element and adds the module to various other pages in the site such as izap_videos, tidypics and events. context...
  • Annoying Drop-Down Boxes in Admin Area

    By David Smith in the group Feedback and Planning
    How do I stop the drop-down boxes in the administration area from blinking?  Specifically, those that I am referring to are under Appearance / Menu Items.  The blink happens when my cursor goes from the drop-down selector to the list of...
  • VeePlay

    By Rip
    Offers a single plugin solution for most popular audio and video files uploaded using the File plugin. Detects filetypes and switches to HTML5 or Flash using the fallback capabilities of JW Player. Uses a single instance of JW Player from...
  • java/flash showing above more menu

    By Stumpy in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi I was wondering if anybody would so kind as to tell me how to make sure the more mune displays 'on top' off all other content.  I am trying to use jpatchwork plugin but the more menu always falls behind the game window. Any tips would be...
  • How to setup Red5 for the videowhisper's "video chat" plugin

    By matheuspn in the group General Discussion
    I've installed the video chat plugin ( on my elgg site, but the program says that he needs RTMP server, and I found Red5 as the perfect free solution. But I don't...