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  • FirePHP

    By Paweł Sroka
    Elgg plugin wrapping FirePHP library and integrating with Elgg core. It shows all notices, warnings and errors in Firebug console. It just extends default Elgg error handling. If you already have Firebug with FirePHP in your browser, you need just...
  • Firebug and elgg

    By skunk.grunt in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Does anyone know how to identify which file a particular element  belongs to?  I know on other websites, if you hover over the blue link in the right pane, it will show you what file it is, but in elgg, it seems a dynamic css file is...
  • Elgg Developer Tools

    By Cash
    Features controls for caching control display errors FirePHP integration so that you can display php logging in Firebug page creation timing plugin skeleton creation views finding help inspection of important variables (views, events,...
  • Cookies in Firebug

    By Oliver Lillie
    at last, control over cookies in Firebug, move over Webdev toolbar.