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  • Kaltura Plugin Is Back

    By Ivan Vergés in the group Plugin Development
    Hi everybody! I'm Ivan, the lead developer of this plugin. I think that this development has slept...s time to get back and rebuild the Kaltura plugin for the new version of Elgg 1...ts. My plans are now to adapt the current plugin for the new Elgg 1.6, then I'...
  • How to import many users

    By zyon in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Here is a small import script that worked for me.   csv file (utf-8 encoded): "name";"username";"email";"plaintextpassword"  ...nbsp;      $array = explode("\n", fread($rb_datei, filesi...
  • How to overwrite default access permissions?

    ...ed to overwrite the default behavior using the plugin architecture. In this specific case you need: Create a theme plugin Create the view path for is implemented you only needs to drop those files.
  • Elgg as a File Repository for Moodle

    By Markpea in the group Plugin Development
    Elgg as File Repository for Moodle More details in my Elgg occu...Moodle faculty have to upload files used for Resources separatel...where they can link to their files to make the in course resour...rces in any course" How Elgg_Files might work From within interface to his own Elgg Files...
  • Elgg in Academia

    By Markpea in the group Plugin Development
    Making Elgg work for teaching in Higher Education Moodle and Elgg [[Elgg as File Repository for Moodle]] [[Elgg for group work]] [[Elgg blogs integrate with Moodle Activity]] Other...
  • FCKEditor 0.1 for Elgg 1.1

    By Don Robertson
    I have created a group for the plugin but groups seem to have disapeared...ed a tar.gz and a .zip version of the plugin, but have not had time to g...ou need to edit the fckeditor_include file to change the configuration. The entries in this file define the FCKeditor configurat...
  • Install notes

    By Ivan Vergés in the group Plugin Development
    ...ry kaltura_video/ and all his files to the plugins folder in elgg_path/mod/ &...bsp;   Activate the plugin in tools administration &nb...tura_video/ directory in the plugin's folder (mod/) and put the n...the flash widgets used in the plugin     by login i...
  • Compactor/ECML Plugin patches.

    By Oliver Lillie
    ...mpactor or ECML custom markup plugin are enabled that most of the plugins don't work properly. This...ends": @include(dirname(__FILE__) . "/friends.php"); return..."inbox": @include(dirname(__FILE__) . "/inbox.php"); ret...; @include(dirname(__FILE__) . "/read.php"); ret...
  • Small Fixes

    By SGr33n
    Hi people, Customizing Elgg I found a few things to fix. I'd we go (updated): mod/profile/views/default/profile/userdetails.phpshow a message...n_none\">" . elgg_echo('profile:descriptionnone') . "</p&g...hardcoded (added to language files) Error counting replies (on...
  • Problem with accent in title.

    By Marco's
    I have Elgg 1.1 in the language portuguese, the characters with accents in title disappear in the url, I like an suggestion to configuration the file h...