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    Hi there, is the login of Facebook changed since the end of April as from that moment I cannot login with facebook any more. I get the error:&nb...valid permissions at: https://developers.face...Ik have tried all kind of things in Faceboo...

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    @gillie. I found no if statement. This is the complete code I see: <?php /**  * Elgg page, the header lives between the topbar and main content area.  */ // link ba...


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  • Elgg as a File Repository for Moodle

    By Markpea in the group Plugin Development
    Elgg as File Repository for Moodle More details in my Elgg occurrences...ere's no central point where they can link to their files to make the files to a single place that I can link to from Resources in any cour...will depend upon how the systems are linked...
  • elgg_topbar.php

    By steven
    <?php    /**     * Elgg top 2008     * @link  ...Xit      *link  ...;  <div class="toolbarlinks">     ...;  // The administration link is...



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  • Facebook data importer

    By khalid in the group Plugin Development
    I was searching if it is possible to import data from facebook having in mind a way where users can at some ideas
  • Bug in messageboard?

    By Rho in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, on group's messageboard says that i wrote a message 4 days ago. But i didn't. See first message at That message displays my icon and links to my profile. But the other links l...

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  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Find people / companies who offer professional services on Elgg development. Like cu...ers. To prevent spam; if you wish to post a link to your project definition, p...least state what the project is about, and only use links t...