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  • Calendar

    By Peter Kemp in the group Plugin Development
    Hi, We are looking at moving our rather large site (2000+ users) to Elgg 1.1 but the lack of a calendar is proving a show stopper.  Is there a calendar plugin being developed and can I get involved with the development.  Or if there isn't...
  • Photo Albums should sync with events

    By Jade in the group Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin
    My elgg needs to have 2 more things before I can begin beta testing. Tidypics photo galleries Events and Calendar support I noted that most people create albums OF events they attended, so its natural to have albums and events sync with...
  • Events plugin

    By SueM in the group Plugin Development
    I see that an events plugin has been developed for this community site. Any chance that we can get hold of this plugin and if so where. We really need it for our site.