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  • Event Calendar - Elgg 1.8

    By anirupdutta
    I didn't do any major rewrite.I just modified the code so that becomes elgg 1.8 compatible.This is to help in transition from elgg 1.7 to elgg 1.8. Kevin Jardine's...
  • Display all events in RSS feed

    By luizzz in the group Event calendar
    How can i see all the current events in a specific year or range of days? Example: in this link bellow i can see all in a specific month:/mod/event_calendar/show_events.php?mode=month&start_date=2011-6-1&view=rss There's a way to put in...
  • New event calendar plugin release

    By Kevin Jardine in the group Event calendar
    I've uploaded a new event calendar plugin release. As always, please test this out carefully to make sure that it meets your needs before using it on a production...
  • SMS Plugin Developer wanted.

    By Spasso in the group Plugin Development
    As things are going more and more mobile, I am looking for a developer to make a plugin / app for an elgg site to allow event and group owners to send SMS' out to their events and groups..  This will use SMS gateways ( I have a large list and...
  • Modified Custom Index (w/ widgets and upcoming events)

    By Untamed
    Do note that this plugin has not been heavily tested. It was tested with elgg 1.7.4 and appears to work fine. BUT, I have a custom theme and modified default CSS. Therefore, this plugin may look a bit screwy on the default theme. On the other hand,...
  • Recurring Calendar Events

    By Icarus in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Our group is currently evaluating possible solutions for creating our social networking site.  One of the required features of our site is the ability to create recurring events (i.e. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)   It's...
  • event fullcalendar

    By invi
    It is based on the community plug-in 'event calendar':   - Added a full calendar navigation and views. - Can handle date&time events with month-week-day views -...
  • How to add events to the calendar manually?

    By Dave in the group Event calendar
    Can anyone explain how to add events to the database manually? I need to understand what tables / fields are updated when an event is added. Is there anyone wanting to develop a script or plugin that will add multiple events to the database? Willing...
  • Search function and tags

    By rufuz in the group Event calendar
    Hi kevin, I set up a test event (elgg 1.7) it works really good, however all the text is not searchable through the standard elgg search function, tags links led to a "no result page". Is that to be completed yet, or am I missing...
  • rise_SetDefaultGroupNotifications

    By I_Artist
     plugin that will ask the user to adjust his notifications settings when joining a group. On creation of the group, it will ask the group owner for his settings. It will check the case where a user is trying to join a private group and will...