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  • Ed

    About me: Elgg plugin and website designer, focusing on UX/UI enhancements and testing for group communications and project management. I work with coders to fix bugs, improve navigational pathways, and design innovative features and tools.


  • Comment on "AU Sets (Pinboards)"

    an enhancement idea: allow custom layout templates to be created from already existing pinboards, per user.. so that i can create a layout which has, say, a comments widge...

  • Comment on "Tooltip Editor"

    ...great plugin, thanks. any tips on which file to edit to add in the extra features that are shown in the demos at the qtip website? a helpful enhancement would be to add a link/button...


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  • Digg-like function on objects

    By Elriique in the group Plugin Development
    Hello all, I've really begun to dig what I'm experiencing when I'm testing out Elgg with various mods and tweaks. But one thing haunts me, the one thing that will be the killer app on my planned site. The function where users can digg an object, which I as site admin later can use in order to pr...
    Tags: digg, enhancement, object, mod, elgg
  • msdropdown library

    By bman
    As the mood plugin and the access_privacity plugin use this library and both contain the outdated version, I am releasing this as a dependency before I release a new version of the mood plugin. This is strictly a library and provides no functionality on its own. jslib: // MSDropDown - jquery....
    Tags: library, enhancement, dropdown, jquery