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  • By rjcalifornia
    could share any cool enhancement you do on your netwok, of course if you want. Rodolfo Hernandez Arvixe
  • By Evan Winslow
    usually another way to do what you're trying to do, or else it's an enhancement/defect that should be
  • By Brett
    It's best to use trac tickets for a single bug, idea, or enhancement.  If your feature ideas
  • By Kevin Jardine
    different than apps like Drupal for example, and has been discussed before as a possible future enhancement.
  • By Gerard
    Ah, I see that is indeed a nice future enhancement, but to be able to edit a document online is for
  • By DhrupDeScoop
    object, with some elementary specific attributes for 'events' - which will leave further enhancement and
  • By DhrupDeScoop
    enhancement will be welcomed by all... I was just tryin to keep my promise for a little baby girl ;-)
  • By westor
    the flash slideshow. It would be a great enhancement. But - aware - it's not lightbox, it's lytebox
  • By Kevin Jardine
    One thing that you might consider doing is posting an enhancement request on the Elgg issue tracker
  • By Cash
    go through that process each time. You could submit the idea to Elgg's trac as a feature enhancement.