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  • Forms

    By Jerome Bakker
    A form builder for Elgg Note about the e-mail endpoint Some of the functionality of the e-mail endpoint will only work if the plugin HTML_email_handler is installed. CC and BCC field configuration Uploaded files as attachment E-mail...
  • Prevent notifications

    Lets user define if a new publication should trigger notifications or not This plugins adds a special field in content creation forms that allows editors to block outgoing notification. Admins can define default behaviour : notify, block, or...
  • Registration Filter

    Only emails from the autorized domains will be allowed to register. This can be used to limit registration to known domains (only emails from those domains will be registered), or to exclude spam domains from registration (registration will...
  • [Elgg 2.3-2.X: Email Postscript]

    By iionly
    This plugin allows a text postscript to be added to every email notification sent out to users. The content of the postscript can be adjusted by modifying the text string within the language file(s). Installation and configuration: If you...
  • Mailgun Messages

    By Billy Gunn
    Uses the Mailgun plugin to add support for email replies to notifications sent from the core Messages plugin. For plugin developers this plugin can be used as an example of how to process incoming emails handled by the Mailgun plugin.
  • Mailgun

    By Billy Gunn
    The Mailgun plugin implements bi-directional email handling via the Mailgun transactional email service. Mailgun offers up to 10,000 free email per month making this a good solution for developers and small sites. Outbound emails are sent as...
  • EmailPlus

    By slyhne
    Send out full HTML mails to your users using PHPMailer ( This gives you a way to use a real mail server (MTA) to send email, instead of PHP mail-function. Using a real MTA makes a world of difference when...
  • Exception Notifier

    By Matt Beckett
    When an error (called an exception in code-talk) occurs it can confuse users, often they will not know what to do and issues will go unreported. Additionally exceptions can happen during background processes or ajax endpoints that aren't...
  • Dev Emails

    By Arck Interactive
    When working on a development instance with live data you may not want emails going out to users that were generated from testing.  This plugin prevents outgoing email except for a select whitelist. The whitelist is configurable in the...
  • Particular validation email

    By Andrea Cesaro in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi guys, what I'm going to ask you should be easy for elgg expert users: I would like to implement a check on email while a user tries to register on elgg. This doesn't mean I want to validate email (I know that there is a PHP function (filter_var)...