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  • Hebrew


    Hebrew support group within the Elgg community
  • Performance and Scalability

    Performance and Scalability

    Feel free to discuss anything within the realm of making Elgg and Elgg-based sites run faster
  • India Community

    India Community

    A community for Elggers from India. All developers and Elgg enthusiasts from India, please unite
  • Event calendar

    Event calendar

    downloaded from here: Bug reports and suggested new features are
  • Urdu Support Group

    Urdu Support Group

    A support group for Urdu speakers Abb Elgg ki Support Urdu main full support
  • Spanish Community Group

    Spanish Community Group

    Spanish support group. Grupo de apoyo de usuarios elgg en español
  • Turkish Support Group / Türkçe Destek Grubu

    Turkish Support Group / Türkçe Destek Grubu

    hi everybody! this group aims to bring people together who wants to work about ELGG from Turkey or
  • Arabic Support Group العربية

    Arabic Support Group العربية

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله هذه المجموعة مخصصة لتعريب نظام إليج ( Elgg ) إلى اللغة العربية. أملين فى
  • German Support Group

    German Support Group

    The German support group within the Elgg community. Start spread the word, folks! Or in German
  • Theme Development

    Theme Development

    This group has been set up to house all discussion around theming Elgg.  Be sure to check the