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  • I_Artist

    Android Software developer, trying to get a grip. Love my Android phone, my Ubuntu box, and my dogs. Check please. Feel free to come visit my elgg site. It's still not launched as of 2010-01-06, but should be soon. I've added five customized...
  • bobby

    Simple guy, with simple live that love to learn more about Elgg.
  • Jaime

    I'm very impressed with Elgg and I really would like to get to know it well so that I can use it for a number of social-network-oriented sites that I would like to develop, as well as for use as a content management system. I see Elgg as...
  • Davide

    Hi to everyone! I am a natural scientist trying to develop a social network for eco-travellers…so not really in to HTML, CSS, PHP…and stuff like that, but I m learning…step by step…this new fascinating world…by the...
  • Feedback and Planning

    Feedback and Planning

    How can the Elgg developers enhance their interactions with Elgg users? Comments, questions, and discussions encouraged!! If you are looking for installation, development or administration help, this is *not* the group for you! Posts on these...
  • videowhisper

    VideoWhisper develops flash video plugins for websites including: Video Conference, Live Streaming, Video Recorder, 2 Way Video Chat, Video Consultation. The VideoWhisper video communications systems are developed using AS3 which is considerably...
  • Elgg Technical Support

    Elgg Technical Support

      Having difficulty installing or customizing Elgg? This is the group where Elgg users and developers can help other users and developers get answers to their questions.   *** A great resource is *** Check the install...