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  • Display custom profile field, get values

    By NoobyNoob in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, Using Profile Manager, I have a dropdown custom profile field named "mynames" with options defined in field options inside Profile manager. I'm trying to display this dropdown in sidebar on another page but could not get the option values...
  • add new items - popup menu

    By ura soul
    a simple plugin to add a dropdown menu to the topbar in elgg that provides shortcut links to the 'create new' pages of primary entity types. latest version currently supports: blog, pages, bookmarks, videolist, event manager, file,...
  • How to correctly view data from input/dropdown

    By Gerard in the group Plugin Development
    I a creating a plugin with several input/dropdown fields. When I created the view of that page, only the number of the selection was viewed instead of the value of the array. I fixed that with a switch, but have a strong feeling I am doing...
  • WOAH bar!

    By ura soul
    various paid services exist to support integration of a dropdown top-bar notifier for websites. i found a free one - woahbar. so have begun integrating it into an elgg plugin. this version includes all the...
  • Entity Menu Dropdown

    By Matt Beckett
    If you're using a number of plugins that interact with content in some way, you might notice the entity menu can get pretty crowded.  You can edit/delete/feature/like/subscribe/pin/export/share - that's a lot to cram into a small space. This...
  • msdropdown library

    By bman
    As the mood plugin and the access_privacity plugin use this library and both contain the outdated version, I am releasing this as a dependency before I release a new version of the mood plugin. This is strictly a library and provides no...
  • Friends dropdown help

    By New_age in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello i have conversation plugin installed on elgg  1.7.8. The autocomplete does no seem to work so i want to change it to dropdown. I was able to do it but i can't seem to get any friends to display in the dropdown menu. Below is my...
  • Menu Sooperfish for 1.8

    By 13net
    stay tuned as extensions for this plugin will be released in the near future (theme pack!). This plugin applies the 'SooperFish' menu to the 'site' menu and enables custom settings for admins. SooperFish is an easy to use dropdown-menu plugin with...
  • Elgg topbar customisation - tools drop down

    By takick in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there Total newbie here so please be gentle :O) I am customising the topbar, getting on well with it but just one thing I can't seem to figure out. I want to keep the 'Tools' drop down and have it auto update with plugins ad only show to logged...
  • dropdown navigation menu

    By Stumpy in the group Theme Development
    hi i have just started customizing my first theme/contribution. (based on alternative_simple theme) which i caanot wait to share. i have a menu/nav bar but i would like to have dropdown menus.  this is what i have so far: div...